Exploring Tourism in Israel
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Jerusalem, Israel

The ruins of a settlement dating from the Roman, Byzantine and Crusader periods. Identified with the appearance of Jesus after his resurrection. Located near Latrun, east of Ben Gurion Airport. 
The name for the northern region of Israel. Here we find the main water sources of the country, as well as the most fertile and cultivated land. The Upper Galilee, in the far north-east, includes the highest mountains in the country. The Lower Galilee, to the south of it, includes the Sea of Galilee region. In the 19th century, the renewal of Jewish settlement began in Galilee. The first settlers had to drain the swamps in order to be able to cultivate the land and destroy the habitat of malaria mosquitoes. This is the region where Jesus began his ministry. 
Garden Tomb 
A beautiful quiet garden outside the Damascus Gate containing an ancient tomb carved in the rock. Identified as a possible site of Calvary and the tomb of Jesus, it is especially popular among Evangelical pilgrims.

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