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Bedouin Hospitality Tour

Bedouin Hospitality Tour Packages
Country: Israel
City: Dead Sea Area
Duration: 1 Hour(s) - 30 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Bedouin Hospitality

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Bedouin Hospitality

Once the guests arrive at the village, the Bedouin host invites them to come inside a Bedouin tent to relax around the fire and sip Bedouin tea spiced with desert herbs. After the guests have settled down, the Bedouin host will perform the ancient coffee making ceremony.

While he drums a traditional rhythm, the coffee beans roast on the fire. Finally, the host grinds the coffee in a stone mortar. As the coffee making ceremony is finishing, fire baked pita will be passed around for tasting.

Explanations will accompany the occasion, enriched with stories from these desert dwelling people.

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