Exploring Tourism in Israel
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Kindness And Assistance

Doris, Benji, Shalom and Yom Tov. I can not imagine coming to Israel, or knowing anyone who is going to Israel, and not calling you or mentioning your credentials to others. Thank you for all of your kindness and assistance. With love, Ezra The Light Tour" J-R's 80th in Israel 2014 MSIA ORGANIZATION U.S.A.

Thank You !

"Thank you for taking your precious time and doing such an excellent job of booking the group's hotel at the David Citadel and arranging all the tours with Jsu. What an excellent job YOU, Benji, Birte and Shraga did that made my stay so enjoyable and memorable. If i plan to return to Israel other than J-R. I won't hesitate to call you..." God Bless You Doris and again, THANK YOU! SHALOM! EDDIE

Jr's Birthday Group

Thank you for the great work and preparation you did for this trip. (specially to Doris) JR's birthday on Rosh Hashana brings a new dimension to the celebration. We had a glorious time in Israel. This was my first time and certainly not the last. We would love to contact you for future travels in Israel. Wishing you a wonderful new year with much Love and Light, Eric Meyrand The Light Tour" J-R's 80th in Israel 2014 MSIA ORGANIZATION U.S.A.

Special Kindness

"... I just wanted to thank you for your special kindness, attention, and expertise ". Fr. Jim Schmitt

Good Job

I really enjoyed everything about my trip. The flight, hotels, guide, driver and food were very good. We had a large group of 46 to 48 people and I feel the guide did a very good job taking care of us in everything we did and toured. I think we saw just about everything. I have heard from a lot of people on the trip and they feel the same as me. I can't say enough good things about this trip, thanks again for all. Sandra Marvin 205 Collierstown Way Peachtree City, Ga 30269


"...The trip went very well. I know everyone had a wonderful time. Again, thanks for everything you did to make this trip so memorable". Fr. Caroll Oubre

Real Aprreciation

" express my appreciation for the professional manner in which the arrangements for my trip were handled . My expectations were exceeded almost every day". Wayne W. Ricket

Memorable And Outstanding

"...I just returned from a fabulous trip to the holy Land with Fr. Manning, and wanted to thank Regina Tours Israel for a wonderful trip". I'd like to thank you enormously, for all the trouble you went to in order to make the trip in Israel, so memorable and outstanding". Enrique Ferrer

The Best One

"...I have taken many groups to Israel before, and this one by your company Regina Tours Israel was by far the best one I have been on". Jim Brown Menorah Ministries

Kindness And Special Attention

"...Thank you so much for the courteous and professional service that I experienced through your tour company.. The kindness and special attention to detail that your people expressed, gives me the confidence to highly recommend your agency to others". Rev. Kathie Kuhn Faith Fellowship Church